ultimate W+ whitening spot eraser 15ml mesoestetic


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Melanogenesis is the natural biochemical process responsible for production of the skin pigments that give the skin color and protect it from UV radiation. This process can be altered by exogenous and/or endogenous factors that trigger localized overproduction of melanin, causing unsightly blotches and uneven skin tone. The main cause of melanin overproduction is exposure to the sun. However, genetic factors, hormonal factors, skin aging, photosensitizing agents, etc. also play a role.

Evens out the tone of the skin and prevents the appearance of new areas of hyperpigmentation.
How to use
Morning and night. Use light pressure to release the product, and apply morning and night directly to the treatment zone, using gentle circular massaging movements until it is completely absorbed.
[meso]white complex® Exclusive complex of active ingredients with proven efficacy that inhibit melanin synthesis by disrupting various steps in its formation and transfer. Garden Cress (Lepidium sativum) Powerful phytonutrient that inhabits tyrosinase and α-MSH, both involved in melanin synthesis processes. Attenuates the appearance of spots on skin and provides whitening benefits. Glycolic acid Alpha hydroxy acid cell-renewal stimulant. Retinol Antioxidant and depigmenting action.
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